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Yunus Emre Duran

I'm Yunus Emre Duran, nice to meet you and I want to help you. Your data with more meaningful analysis and more data precision I can help you in the process of transforming it into an environment where you can view it digitally in a productive way.

Data Analytics and Management Master Degree

I contiune my graduate education at Akdeniz University.

Topics I'm interested in:

Data Analyze, Machine Learning

Diplomas & Certificates:

Electrical-Electronics Engineering Bachelor's Degree
Power BI Developer
Data Analysis with Kaggle
Advanced Excel
Machine Learning with Advanced Python
Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Wordpress, Wix Development

Data Analyst

I am a passionate developer and data analyst. Because I love data. My goal is not just to write code, but to provide users with the best digital experiences by using data. With the data I obtain from user behavior, I personalize every interaction and try to make it impressive.

Languages I speak:

Html, Css, Javascript, Python, SQL,


Power BI
Jupyter Notebook

If I think about it, I will find it

Below are the works and projects I have done. If you have a data-related project, the following applications may inspire you. And for more, you can contact me by clicking the button in the upper right corner.


My Work


An e-commerce web app based site was created for Asylove company. This site was created on the wix platform..

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An e-commerce web app based site was created for Grmoonde company. This site was created on the wix platform..

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World Cloud Creator

In this project, it converts a text document with a txt extension into a world cloud application in the desired style. The application works via huggingface. The user can create the word cloud in png format. Here, the necessary data cleaning process is done through Python libraries.

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Competitor Store Analysis

In this study, it is an analysis panel that shows the daily sales figures of stores in a certain category selling on Etsy and shows the volume and market share in that data. This project was created via Streamlit SDK using various Python libraries..

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Rice Grading Model

In the Rice Grading Model study, the model was trained with the data set consisting of rice types on Kaggle using tensorflow and keras libraries. And then it predicts the class of rice by deploying the trained model via hugging face and sending a rice photo into the application. The model provides 98% success rate.

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EDA ofthe KC House Dataset

In this data analysis study, the data of house prices in a region in America is presented. There are approximately 30 variables that make up the house price. Exploratory data analysis and price prediction model were created in this data set..

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